The HogLeg Kickstand

Ok, maybe you don’t need 14 different positions on a kickstand. Seem like overkill? Well it was easy to develop the workings for 14 positions as it was to do 4, so we figured what the hell. Besides, you never know where you may wake up in the morning!

Have you ever found yourself parked at some bike rally out in the dirt and have to find a nice rock to place under your kickstand to keep it from sinking? Maybe you just ended up in a hilly place and have to jockey your bike around to keep it from leaning too far one way or the other. Or maybe you’ve built a bike worthy of a photo shoot and have ruin the shot by sticking a chunk of metal under the kickstand in order to display the left side. Whatever the case may be, this is the time where a few extra positions couldn’t hurt.

How It Works

The Hog-Leg has a gear inside at the point where the leg pivots. It ratchets as you push it down and locks into whichever position you stop the it at. If you happen to be on soft ground, you can position your bike completely upright, displacing the weight from the kickstand to the tires, allowing the bike to sit anywhere without tipping over. It’s also spring-loaded so when you’re ready to go, just pull the release pin and the leg snaps up into the riding position automatically.

Some Bikes


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